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Self-Study Chinese Curriculum

Free Trial Course Menu


Welcome to the Free Trial Course Menu of your Self-Study Chinese journey! These free Chinese language courses are intended to provide a fresh taste of how our entire Self-study Chinese Curriculum looks like. Just like all the five modules, these courses include teachings within three areas, namely are "Grammar", "Pronunciation", and "Vocab". And each content-teaching/learning day includes daily readings, exercise practices, and teaching videos. Since this is an "arbitrary" bi-linguistic system between English and Chinese, it is likely that our curriculum is not going to fit everyone. Yet, it is our mission to provide English-speaking adults the most authentic way to study Chinese language and culture. If you like thinking, any linguistics, logic, programming, coding and simply learning another language, Self-study Chinese is your best choice! This course menu includes the following content:

1. Preface, Introduction of How to Use Self-study Chinese Curriculum, What Makes it Different than other Chinese Products, and How did those Bi-linguistic Theories Come out.

2. Introduction of Chinese Grammar.

3. A Taste of the Most Fundamental Chinese Grammar Course (content teaching/learning).

4. Introduction of Chinese Pronunciation.

5. A Taste of the Most Fundamental Chinese Pronunciation Course (content teaching/learning).

6. Introduction of Chinese Vocabulary.

7. A Taste of the Most Fundamental Chines Vocabulary Course (content teaching/learning).


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