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Self-Study Chinese Curriculum

Module 1: Primary Verb Types


Welcome to Module 1 of your Self-Study Chinese journey! This module is intended especially for Chinese language beginners to understand what it means to study Chinese as a foreign language. As a matter of fact, this module satisfies the needs of all Chinese levels because it sets you up with a good grasp of Chinese linguistic foundation. Learning grammar is the beginning of learning a language, and learning verbs is the beginning of learning grammar. That is why you will need the knowledge of this module no matter which level you are in. Please be ready to have at least 3 weeks to finish this module. Each module includes three parts: Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary. Module 1 will cover the following concepts:

1. Why are you studying Chinese as a second language learning?

2. How can this curriculum be fully leveraged by you?

3. What are the expectations of this author?

4. What is the teaching philosophy of the author and what is the vision of this bi-linguistic system? 

5. What is Chinese grammar and why is it the most important element in your Chinese study?

6. What are the three primary verb types that you need to know?

7. What do you need to know about Chinese pronunciation, vowels, consonants and tones? 

8. What are the essential noun phrases we use in China? Module 1 includes 120 different noun phrases distributed into a 7-day vocab study (a Chinese noun phrase can mean one word, two words or three words, so there might be around 200 words/characters you will encounter in Module 1). 

9. What does "measure words" mean and how do you use measure words in Chinese language?

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