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Self-Study Chinese Curriculum

Module 4: Chinese Adverbials


Welcome to Module 4 of your Self-Study Chinese journey! Module 4 is the advancement on top of the previous three modules. After Module 1, you learned how to say any Chinese sentence when it is technically a statement. After Module 2, you learned how to ask any question in Chinese. After Module 3, you learned how to use attributives in Chinese sentences.

Module 4 is going to enhance your understanding about the role of adverbials in Chinese language whether they take the form of "statement" or "question." If you want to study at a university in China, Module 4 is your best choice to reach that goal! In order to understand Module 4, you should either finish the previous 3 modules, or your Chinese is already at a native level at this point. Please be ready to have at least 4 weeks to finish this module. Each module includes three parts: Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary. Module 4 will cover the following concepts:

1. How do you understand the role of "adverbials" in the Chinese language?

2. How do you understand that "adverbials" can originate from a "word," "phrase," or "sentence"?

3. How do you understand "normal adverbs" and "abnormal adverbs" in the Chinese language, and how to use them according to different conditions?

4. How do you use "adverbs" as adverbials in the Chinese language?

5. How do you use "non-predicate verbs" (doing, done and to do) as adverbials in Chinese language and how does this relate to English language?

6. How do you use "adjective phrases" and "prepositional phrases" as adverbials in Chinese language and how does this relate to English language?

7. How do you use "adverbial clauses" as adverbials in Chinese language and how is this different from English language?

8. How do you apply "literal translation" and "free translation" in the Chinese adverbials?

9.  What do you need to know about Chinese pronunciation, vowels, consonants and tones? (Every module shares the same instructive readings, practices and teaching videos about Chinese pronunciation)

10. What are the advanced Chinese verb phrases that you need to know? Module 4 includes a separately 10-day study of another 133 advanced Chinese verb phrases, and most of these phrase are formed by two words/characters.