OUR Mission & VISION

We are a newly-built company! But our passion for delivering quality Chinese teachings to all English speakers is not a recent thing and has not simply come from a sudden impulse. The owner of this company, Shuang Sundquist, is the author of the Self-Study Chinese curriculum. We made the decision to use this business to self-publish it so that we can support our readers and students with access to other useful resources to help immerse your minds into a world of Chinese language and culture.

Our goal is not simply to satisfy linguistic enthusiasts, but also to include those who have a need to equip themselves with a good grasp of Chinese language and culture within a short period of time. We believe that this active and direct connectivity between readers and the author would eventually benefit our business goal that "people from different occupational backgrounds have no barriers to quality Chinese education, such as different expertise, strengths and schedules". We are excited to be able to provide our bi-lingual knowledge and expertise to meet your different needs. 


Our core values

  • Faithful: As practical as we can, we still keep our faith in believing that our business is responsible for not "Americanizing" the authentic Chinese ideology in the way of how the linguistic theory is formed and and applied locally in China. 
  • Flexible: As determined as we are in our above value, we believe that our educational goal to the society does not have to be limited inside the educational industry, and it can be best served and achieved through the means of business. 
  • Committed: Our commitment is what makes us professional and confident in the market of Chinese education to English speakers. This pure commitment is our strongest benchmark to guide us in the business decision-making process.

“独乐乐不如众乐乐” - 孟子《梁惠王下》
Enjoying happiness alone is not as enjoyable as enjoying happiness with the multitude.
— Mencius, 2 King Hui of the State Liang

Our Impact

  • This bi-linguistic theory was first motivated to be formed to help those low-income Chinese students from village areas to study English effectively and efficiently. We once attracted more than 1,000 students from local schools applying to be taught and tutored by us at Huaihua University, Hunan, China in 2011.
  • This bi-linguistic theory was later edited and modified so that it can be applied in teaching and tutoring local American college students Chinese at Bethel University, St. Paul, MN in 2014 and 2015. 
  • This bi-linguistic theory was again tested and gained acceptance in teaching local American high-school students at Blake School, Minneapolis, MN in 2017. 
  • The author of Self-Study Chinese has been spreading her teaching philosophy between English and Chinese through annual alive talk shows, weekly English Radio Station on campus, and off-campus speeches to hundreds and thousands of high-school and college students in China since 2009. 
  • The students from the author's early teaching classes have been sent overseas to use English to teach Chinese in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. Many others stayed in China joining the industries of teaching, business and politics, serving different areas for the society.
  • The author has been tutoring the kids from her countryside for free in China since 2006.